Part 4.5 and Part 5 of Akihabara Tutorial Now Available!

by Darius Kazemi on July 28th, 2010

We’ve posted part 4.5 and part 5 of our tutorial for making games in HTML5/JS using the Akihabara engine.

Part 4.5 does not really cover a particular concept — it’s more of a housekeeping tutorial if you’ve been following along with the series. It covers changing Akihabara’s resolution, updates the map, disables the camera, and adds a frame counter. It’s also the first tutorial that uses Akihabara v1.2.1. Its final outcome can be seen here.

Part 5 tackles adding enemies to the game. In particular it covers pathfinding AI for the enemies. It’s by far the most complex tutorial we’ve written so far, but the end result takes us that much closer to having an actual game.

Speaking of actually making a game, we have only two more parts to what we’re calling the “basic” tutorial. In part 6, we’re going to add animation to the game. In part 7, we’re going to add some game logic and a HUD to create the simplest possible game where you try to rack up a high score by outrunning the enemy for as long as possible. Once part 7 is complete, we have a whole set of “advanced” tutorials that will take us all the way to the 8-way shooter we promised so long ago!

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