Getting Started With Akihabara: A Beginner’s Tutorial

by Darius Kazemi on May 6th, 2010

A few weeks ago KesieV (AKA Francesco Cottone) released Akihabara, a set of JavaScript tools and libraries that take advantage of some HTML5 features that are already available on Firefox, Chrome, and many mobile web browsers on platforms including the iPhone, iPad, and Palm Pre. I got very excited about these tools, especially since the demos were so impressive. I spent a few days messing around with it, and Darren got a bunch of people using it at the April DINO Jam.

Talking to Darren, we both had the same experience with the code: it was nice that it came with some commented code, but it would have  been a huge help even to have a basic “Hello world” style tutorial available. So partly inspired by my excitement over Akihabara, and partly inspired by Derek Yu’s excellent Game Maker tutorials, I suggested to Darren that we write a multi-part tutorial for Akihabara. To my delight, he agreed.

The tutorials will take you through the process of creating an 8-way shooter along the lines of Everyday Shooter. Part 1 is available and is a basic overview of Akihabara’s structure and shows you how to create a title splash screen. Future parts will cover input and character movement, tile maps, enemy behavior, HUDs, and more.

For now, check out the tutorial. It should only take about 30 minutes and at the end you’ll have something that runs in modern web browsers and on many mobile devices!

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