HTML5 game jam this weekend: MocoSpace sponsorship and ImpactJS license!

by Darren Torpey on November 15th, 2011

I have two great announcements for this weekend’s Fall 2011 Boston HTML5 Game Jam (Nov 19th and 20th). First, to make our tummies happy, MocoSpace is graciously sponsoring us with pizza for the entire event. MocoSpace is a social gaming platform company; here are a few quick quotes from their website:

MocoSpace is the premiere partner for developers looking to get their high quality social games in front of millions of mobile users.

[about the MocoSpace Games platform]

Our users spend over an hour a day on MocoSpace with their mobile devices. With the MocoSpace Game Platform, you can tap into the social graph, access profiles, and send notifications and invites through our API. You can even deliver game notifications straight to your players’ mobile phones!

Second, Dominic Szablewski, the author of the much-esteemed Impact HTML5 game engine, has generously offered us a complimentary Impact license for use by teams in this game jam. The license is non-commercial, so teams that take their games beyond this weekend’s jam all the way to being published will need to buy their own license, but otherwise we are free to use it as needed this weekend. Impact runs on all HTML5 capable browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer 9, as well as mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad. It should be a great boost to any teams who don’t already have a preferred engine to work with. Thanks, Dominic!


You can register for the jam here on the Eventbrite page. Feel free to leave any comments and questions below.

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