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BostInnovation.com post on Boston Game Jams — Boston Game Jams
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BostInnovation.com post on Boston Game Jams

by Darren Torpey on April 26th, 2011

Last Friday, BostInnovation published a post of mine in which I introduce the greater Boston tech community to the concept of game jams in general and Boston Game Jams in particular. It was part of their “Gaming in the Hub” featured series for last week. Here’s a clip:

Game jams can inject new game ideas — in playable form, no less — into the development community and help avoid the stagnation of ideas that can result from local group-think. They also help keep the talent pool fresh as they allow latent game developers find their strengths and passions. What’s more, game jams end up being a great way for developers to meet and get to know one another. The extreme pressure of making an entire game within 48 hours creates a strong sense of camaraderie between jammers.

I also highlight a few BGJ projects that have bloomed into much more (including, of course, Smuggle Truck) and talk about why I run Boston Game Jams.

You can read the full post here: http://bit.ly/ecSaEl

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