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HTML5 Game Hack Day — Boston Game Jams
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HTML5 Game Hack Day

by Darius Kazemi on July 1st, 2011

On Saturday, July 9th, Bocoup is hosting an HTML5 Game Hack Day. It’s not a game jam (unless you want it to be!) so there’s no particular goal. We’re just getting people together to hack on games and game technology in HTML5. We’ll provide a kick-ass place to work, pizza and soda/coffee/tea, wifi, and some of the best HTML5 game dev folks in Boston.

There will also be opportunity for attendees to do some short show-and-tell over the course of the day in terms of what we’re hacking on.

That’s it. Pretty simple, pretty low-key… pretty awesome.

The event is free, but please register here to attend.

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